Dernière actualité toute fraiche : Michael Oher’s Reps Say ‘Justice Will Be Served’ While Doubling Down on Tuohy Family Allegations

Derniere actualite toute fraiche Michael Ohers Reps Say Justice

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« We continue to stand with Michael and the statement he released, » they shared in a statement to PEOPLE

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Representatives for Michael Oher reiterated that they « stand with » the former NFL player and Blind Side subject after lawyers for the Tuohy family held a press conference Wednesday denying they withheld money from Oher.

In the Wednesday press conference, lawyers for Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy said that the family is « devastated » by Oher’s allegations and are willing to release him from his conservatorship. The Super Bowl champion had alleged in a petition Monday that the Tuohys lied about adopting him and tricked him into making them his conservators when he was 18 years old, while earning significant amounts of money from The Blind Side.

His representatives tell PEOPLE that they intend to seek justice in court.

« We continue to stand with Michael and the statement he released. We also concur with his attorney, Don Barrett, we believe that justice will be served in a courtroom where cases are based on facts, » the statement obtained by PEOPLE read.

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Lawyers for the Tuohys said Wednesday that the family intends to release Oher from the conservatorship.

« If that’s what he wants to do is terminate it, we’re glad to do so, » said attorney Randall Fishman. « As a matter of fact, it is our intent to offer to enter into a consent order as it relates to the conservatorship, and then if they have other issues, we’ll deal with them. »

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When asked why Leigh Anne and Sean created a conservatorship for Oher rather than adopting him, as they have previously claimed, Fishman said, « It didn’t make any difference to the Tuohys, » and that they believed the conservatorship would help with NCAA regulations.

Fishman and attorney Steven Farese also addressed the profits that each member of the family reportedly made from the film.

Oher alleged in his petition that the Tuohys — including their two birth children, Collins Tuohy and Sean Tuohy Jr. — were paid $225,000 for the film plus 2.5% of the film’s proceeds and did not include him.

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« Well, each member of the family has received the same amount of money, » said Farese, claiming that Oher was included. « So, imagine a pie divided by five, okay? We estimate each person received $100,000 — each person in the family. »

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A source close to the film told PEOPLE Wednesday that the Tuohys have received approximately $700,000 total in rights, payments, and profits, which was intended to be divided between the family members — Sean, Leigh Anne, their two biological children, and Oher.

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In a statement shared with PEOPLE Tuesday, Oher said he intends to let the petition « speak for itself. »

« I am disheartened by the revelation shared in the lawsuit today, » Oher said.

« This is a difficult situation for my family and me, » he continued. « I want to ask everyone to please respect our privacy at this time. For now, I will let the lawsuit speak for itself and will offer no further comment. »

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